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Menu Buttons:

Paste Pasta Home Page - Main page

Add a new Paste - Creates a new paste

Manage Pastes - Paste Management page

Edit Account Settings - Account Settings page

Log Out - Log out of your account

Main Page:


Create a new tab

Click the new tab button to creat a new tab.

Edit tab name

Double-click a tab to edit its name.

Reorder your tabs

Click and drag a tab to reorganize.


Viewing a paste

Edit a paste to change its content.
Duplicate a paste to make a copy of its content.
Drag a paste for easier organization.
Click the paste text to copy to your clipboard.

Editing a paste

Save the content of the paste.
Delete a paste from your account.
Drag a paste for easier organization.
Edit the text within the paste.
Resize the dimensions of the paste box.

Editing a paste

Drag a paste towards a tab to quickly move it over.

Paste Management:

Managing pastes

Select a tab to view pastes it contains.
Drag a paste to re-order. Pastes will be rendered from bottom to top.
Save a paste to update it's settings and text.
Modify a paste's settings, a red box indicates the paste was not yet saved.
Delete an entire tab, or just the pastes within that tab.

For additional help, please contact us.